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Architects & Engineers

At Stateside Underwriting, our professionals understand the individual needs of each of our insureds and work with our markets to provide the best coverage possible.

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Manufacturers Errors & Omissions

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Mining Professional Liability

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architects & engineers

Architects and Engineers Professional Liability (A&E), Manufacturers E&O and Mining Professional Liability

One of the fastest growing areas of professional liability insurance today is Architects and Engineers Professional Liability (A&E). A&E has a widely diverse liability coverage area that provides both defense and indemnity for claims that may arise out of specific disciplines within the A&E class of business for services provided by those professionals. From Design Build to Construction Management to Environmental, the proper liability insurance coverage and policy is crucial to the A&E professional. At Stateside Underwriting, our professionals understand the individual needs of each of our insureds and work with our markets to provide the best professional liability coverage possible.

An architect is a design professional who uses creativity and a practical understanding of structures and materials to provide for people's living and working environments. In satisfying human needs for shelter, architects must take into consideration factors such as: aesthetics; the personal tastes and needs of the client; the site; materials; costs; and environmental factors.

Types of architects and engineers can include the following:

  • Residential architects
  • Commercial architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Design/Build
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Forensic Engineers
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Land Surveyors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • Urban Planners

An architect or engineer normally requires an insurance policy that provides protection for property damage claims, which most A&E insurance policies cover. However, some A&E firms, such as specialty engineering consultants, operate as specialty consultants and might not purchase an A&E policy form. Since many non-A&E professional liability policies exclude property damage claims, it is important to match the coverage with the specialty services provided by the architect or specialty engineer.

Specific coverage provisions are important for this coverage. Some professionals require coverage with special provisions to protect themselves from unique claims arising from their specialized services. For example, an engineer specializing in pollution control or clean up systems might require a modified pollution exclusion.

A&E professional liability is usually provided to a firm on an annual basis with a policy called a practice policy. The term "practice policy" is used because it covers an architects or engineers entire practice. Coverage is sometimes provided on a project basis rather than a firm or practice basis. Project coverage typically provides professional liability coverage to all professionals working on a particular project for claims arising from that project. Note that some practice policies have an exclusion for claims that are covered under a project policy.

Manufacturers E&O

Manufacturing Errors and omissions is typically referred to as Manufacturers E&O or Manufacturer's Professional Liability. A Manufacturers E&O Professional Liability insurance policy typically offers optional coverage for legal liability protection for damages incurred by a third party for the loss of use of tangible property that is not physically damaged resulting from the failure of the manufacturer's product to meet the level of quality, fitness or durability represented by the manufacturer.

Our Manufacturers E&O offers a multi-part product covering errors and omissions, as well as Pollution Liability, Multi Media Liability, Computer Security and Privacy that can be available for additional premiums.

In order to be considered for Manufacturers E&O, an insured's principal activity should be manufacturing rather than design or retail.

The Manufacturer's E&O insuring agreement of the liability policy, in general, covers any Wrongful Act arising out of the rendering or failure to render Manufacturer's Professional Services by the Insured or by any person for who the Named Insured is legally responsible. The policy then goes on to define Manufacturer's Professional Services to mean the design, development, manufacturing, selling and value added reselling of products by the Insured and including materials, parts and equipment provided by the Insured in connection with the Insured's products. Manufacture's Professional Services also means the Insured's advice, consultancy, design, plan, specification, formula, labeling, packing, instructions, for use warnings or similar but only insofar as provided in connection with or incorporated in any Product supplied by or on behalf of the Insured.

Furthermore, Manufacturer's Professional Services includes the installation of, training in the use of, support of, servicing of, maintenance of and repair of the Insured's products by the Insured for others. Our Manufacturers E&O is aimed at the manufacturing of replicated products and the errors and omissions costs associated with a design error. Our Manufacturers E&O is not meant to cover the cost of making correcting the product

The Manufacturing E&O Insuring Agreement is then subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy so please make sure to read the policy in its entirety.

Manufacturer's E&O is sometimes confused with Architects and Engineers coverages as well as Product Recall coverage however it is a different coverage.

Manufacturer's E&O versus Product Recall:

The biggest difference between Manufacturer's E&O and Product Recall is that Manufacturer's Errors and Omissions does not cover the actual cost of the recall of products. The exclusion in the Manufacturer's E&O policy reads as follows:

No coverage arising out of the withdrawal, recall, inspection, repair, replacement or loss of use of the Named Insured's products or work completed by or for the Named Insured or of any property of which such products or work form a part, if such products, work or property are withdrawn from the market or from use because of any known or suspected defect or deficiency therein.

Also, the trigger for Products Recall is bodily injury whereas there is no bodily injury coverage contained in the Manufacturers E&O policy.

Manufacturers E&O versus Architect and Engineers or Professional Liability coverage:

The main difference here is that Manufacturers E&O addresses negligent acts in the design, manufacturing and installation of a product including a repetitive products and Professional Liability addresses negligent acts associated with the customized design of some non-repetitive end product (i.e. design of a home, landscape, dock, crane etc...)

Manufacturers E&O and Professional Liability are both third party liability policies however Product Recall Coverage has elements of first party coverage

The types of businesses the Stateside Manufacturer's E&O program are looking for are manufacturers of steel pipe, blast furnaces/foundries; wood products, plastics, glass, simple electronics, industrial machinery, etc.

More difficult classes for our Manufacturers E&O program include heavy intellectual property or health hazard areas such as pharmaceuticals, aviation, auto, perfumes/cosmetics, chemicals, textiles, toys and food & drink, to name a few. That being said, please submit your application to us for manufacturers E&O even if it relates to the more difficult classes as case by case decisions will be made on more difficult Manufacturers E&O classes.

Our Manufacturers E&O program is secured by A 15 non-admitted paper. 

Limits offered are $1,000,000 although higher limits may be available. Minimum premium in our Manufacturers E&O program is $5,000.

Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Professional Insurance

Our coverage terms and pricing for professional liability insurance for miners and the mining industry is unparalleled.

The definition of Professional Services in the Stateside liability policy for miners are those services relating to the design, construction, excavation, maintenance or alteration of mines or mine related structures, equipment machines or technology.

Stateside Underwriting Agency has created a professional liability policy tailored to the broad range of disciplines performed in the mining industry. The program for miners liability insurance coverage is available to a wide variety of mining engineering disciplines and mining services including, but not limited to:

  • mining construction management
  • mining process/mining operation engineering
  • mining engineering expert witness
  • underground mine design
  • mine planning and mining feasibility studies
  • mining related laboratory testing
  • mining construction engineering
  • hydrogeology
  • geology
  • independent technical reports
  • operational consulting
  • tailing pond design
  • resource and reserve reports
  • mining related financial consulting to the extent the consulting and exploration including reserve and resource analysis.

Our competitive terms for mining insurance professional liability which is also referred to as mining services errors & omissions insurance, start at a minimum premium of $3,000 for a limit of liability of $1,000,000 with a self-insured retention of $5,000.

Our liability insurance for miners provides coverage for negligent acts, errors and omissions in rendering their services as a mining professional. Our policy includes bodily injury and property damage to others due to the insured's negligent acts or errors and omissions in rendering their services as a mining professional.

Additionally, Stateside's professional liability insurance for miners offers coverage for mold, pollution, and asbestos for an additional 20% of premium per coverage part.

If you are an insurance agent or broker and are interested in the Stateside liability policy for miners please have your client complete the Stateside Mining application and email to submissions@statesideunderwriting.com. If you are an insured please submit your application to your local agent or we can assist you in locating an agent in your area.

If you have any questions regarding our professional liability insurance program for miners and mining engineers, please feel free to call Chad Gaizutis at 440-893-9917.



CLAIM DETERMINATION...Any claim is subject to the actual policy wording/endorsements and the coverage for a claim shall be determined using the policy wording.

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